Top 10 Blockchain VC In China NEWS.8BTC.COM & Lambda Joint AMA & Lambda Joint AMA
George Cao :Let’s welcome lambda team . Xiaoyang and Lucy
Lambda: Hello friends from BitMax ~~ I am Lucy Wang, Co-founder and CMO of Lambda. I am very happy to e-meet with you here and thx for George's invitation. I on behalf of Lambda wish all of you a merry Christmas and prosperous new year in 2019
George Cao: Great. I am a bit surprised to see a big volume day yesterday Christmas. Seems our users didn’t take a break even on holidays :)
Lambda: I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce myself first, I have over 14 years of progressive career development with global leading enterprise software / service organizations as well as VC-backed start-up ventures, including HP, Oracle, and SAP. Before Lambda I was CMO/GM at two enterprise SaaS start ups in China backed by top VCs.
And my partner Mr. He Xiaoyang, who is the founder of Lambda, he is a well-known expert in infrastructure and open source software in China. Prior to Lambda, he was the co-founder of OneAPM, a fast-growing infrastructure software focusing on ITOM (IT operation management) in China. OneAPM is known as the “New Relic or AppDynamics of China” and the company has received strong VC backing from Matrix Partners, Chengwei Capital, and Qiming Venture. Prior to his entrepreneur experiences, Mr. HE worked at BEA as a R&D software engineer. In addition, Mr. HE is also a blogger with strong following in China and some of his articles have been published by major media such as Forbes China, 36Kr, Sina, etc.
Lambda idea was born at the end of year 2017 and the product development started from the beginning of 2018. Now let me talk about Lambda idea and what we do
Lambda, is the leading decentralized infrastructure project providing secure, reliable, and infinitely scalable decentralized storage network that enables data storage, data integrity check, security verification, and marketplace for storage-related services on the Lambda Chain Consensus Network.
In recent years, there have been frequent data leakage problems in major Internet platforms at home and abroad, and even business giants such as Facebook and Marriott have not been spared. Returning the value of data to data owners is an inevitable trend in line with human pursuit of freedom. The block-chain technology with P2P features provides an opportunity for this, and this area will be highly valued by the industry in the next few years. Lambda is the only provider of block-chain storage infrastructure projects in China. It is sometimes referred as “File-coin of China”or “File-coin 2.0”.our vision is to return the value of data to the data owner, with this vision in mind, our mission is to promote the decentralization of the Internet, with the goal of creating a storage infrastructure for the next generation of block-chain.
After the Lambda project launch in early 2018, it has received strong support by well-known strategic and financial investors including Bitmain, Viking Capital, FBG Capital, Bluehills, Zhen Fund, FunCity Capital, Ceyuan Digital Fund, BlockVC, INBlockChain, DATA Foundation, Bitcoin World, Reflextion Capital, etc. To date, Lambda has received investment funding in excess of $10M.
n all the existing decentralized storage projects that are aiming to give a solution to this problem worldwide, Lambda is the first ever to announce its LPDP ( Lambda Provable Data Possession )
George Cao: I see we share several investors in common, So 2019 q1-q2 will be a big milestone for lambda
Lambda: Provable Data Possession (PDP) and Proofs of Retrievability (POR) are critical to efficient decentralized data storage and its implementation, which is the essential difference between centralized network projects and real decentralized storage. Prior to Inter-planetary
File System (IPFS), Lambda launched its minimum viable product (MVP) of core functions in the third quarter of 2018, and has been continuously upgrading and optimizing this in block-chains in a multi-role environment.
File-coin is our main competitor, here is a chart shows the progress comparison FYI
For those who have interest to know more about Lambda's technical innovations, they can be find in our keep updating FAQ document posted on Medium, and I copied her FYI
1.Innovatively designed the Validator role which provides verification service for storage proof and the Validator replaces storage miner as the full-time storage proof result verifier, this greatly improves the performance of the storage and retrieval system.
2.In response to the limitations of the PDP algorithm, Lambda innovatively created a consensus network on the block-chain and used the validators role to replace the "TPA" in the PDP algorithm.
3.Innovatively modified the PDP algorithm from synchronous to asynchronous communication, which greatly reduces the communication traffic for Challenge in the system. Use of chain data as a random seed for storage miners to issue Challenge themselves addresses the randomness of TPA challenges.
4.Innovatively upgraded the PDP algorithm from periodic verification to a verification set generated by the miners to submit the verification result at one time, and fully realize the Proof-Of-Space-Time verification.
on top of all the technical, Lambda creates a consensus network where data can be stored, storage space can be rented on the basis of a marketplace built on block-chain.
In the Marketplace, the transaction process is: storage miners pledge hard disk sectors to the consensus network, and place orders and sell their own storage space in the Marketplace; storage users initiate purchase requests, complete the matching of storage requests through the Marketplace, and store data in the space of the storage miners.
Different from other block-chain applications, Lambda is a storage mining project, we have miners mine on Lambda network. Earn LAMB tokens by contributing on the network, and users who have data storing requirements pay Lamb tokens to purchase services accordingly.
The price of Lamb token not only rely on the exchanges but also supported by our miners who are doing works on the network.
There are four roles in the Lambda mining network: storage miners (providers of storage space), verification miners (ensuring the integrity and security of data and packaging transactions), retrieval miners (providing download bandwidth), and users (storage buyers). 1024 verification miners promoted from storage miners constitute the Lambda-chain consensus network. So you will see three types of miners serve our users from all over the world.
The key milestones we are looking at is the launch of test-net, where miners can start mining and earn testing Lamb tokens, the date will be around end of Jan. 2019 and main network will go live in Q2, 2019, most likely in Apr.
Regarding our partnership, In the academic field, we have established a strategic partnership with Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT), which is well known in China for its engineering and computer science research programs, to conduct research into centralized storage.
In the commercial field, Lambda has established a strategic collaboration with IOST, a well-known public blockchain project, and Perlin, a super computing platform, and started to conduct pilot projects for decentralized application (DAPP) companies such as DATA and BCV. Lambda also has close ties to many leading Internet data centers (IDCs) in China. They join the Lambda network as miners and take advantage of their surplus server capacity to engage in the Lambda network ecology.
Q: Will the rest of the code be open sourced? If so when ?
Lambda: we have released the codes of core function module, the test net codes will be released gradually in Jan. pls stay tuned with our official github
Q: What can Lamb tokens be used for?
Lambda: Lambs are tokens in the Lambda ecosystem, which are mainly used in the following scenarios:
A. Users of services in the Lambda ecosystem have to pay with Lambda tokens.
B. Providers of storage services in the system have to pledge a certain number of tokens.
C. Verification nodes in the system have to pledge a certain number of tokens.
D. Verification nodes can obtain a certain number of tokens as accounting rewards.
E. Storage nodes get a certain number of tokens based on their storage capacity and their service level agreements (SLAs).
F. Other roles in the Lambda ecosystem can also obtain a certain number of tokens based on their contributions.
Q: What more incentives does miner gets to mine or rent storage on Lambda?
Lambda: every miner stars from storage miner on Lambda network, they get paid by providing storage space, when their business getting bigger, system will select the top 1024 storage miners and promote them to validator, who will get block generation rewards from system.
Q: how are the 1024 miners selected? Doesn't this become more centralised?
Lambda: we did a survey to the Chinese miners, they mainly fall into two groups, either are waiting FileCoin to go live with purchased mining machine idle at home or they are doing hard drive or graphic cards mining, which has a high requirement to the hardware standard. To mine on Lambda, you need a mining machine ( computer ) that has big storage space ( because the bigger the higher probability you'll be promoted to be a validator ) and the connection to the internet
Q: How much is initial supply?
Lambda: Lambda did two rounds of fund raising, private investors have a lock up terms of 2+4+4 meaning the first 20% of tokens will only be released 2 months listing on exchange. so on the day one listing till 2 months there will be only around 0.5% initial circulation, and after 2 months, 5% in total. in addition to that, as we are recruiting miners to join our network, actually ppl have been in a situation where they can't wait to mine on our testnet. with the mining mechanism we have, miners need to buy Lamb token to get their mining work started, because a certain amount of pledge need to be made
Q: What partnership will lambda and bitmax have in the future?
Lambda: We value the way BitMax doing things and care about projects, we feel like we found the right exchange to be listed, in particular an initial listing. we will work with BitMax and do some joint campaigns to boost the community
George: We have great chemistry with lambda team.
Q: And are you still primary list in there, I heard the list was delay? Is it related to Huobi?
Lambda: you are right, it is related to Huobi, but one thing you can be assured of is that our initial listing on BitMax wont change, but most likely a joint listing with Huobi.
Q: what about the time of primary list?
Lambda: we will primarily list very soon, we are targeting end of this week, now we are in the middle of some technical integration with Huobi
George: We can assure everyone that our team will do our best to protect our investors and serve our listing projects. The promise does not change whether or not if we co-list with huobi.
Q: We get reward to mine ? Any incentive? For testnet
Lambda: Yes, you have two ways obtain Lamb tokens, buy from exchange and earn more from mining, but firstly you have to buy Lamb on BitMax haha. Are you asking the reward from testnet by mining on it? yes, you will get test Lamb token, and they can be redeemed to Lamb token with a ratio that will be specified shortly. on Lambda official website, we have whitepaper, besides that we also have economic whitepaper to explain how the lambda economic system runs, on Dec. 28 we will launch our yellow paper where we will demonstrate the detailed technical realization and all the parameter setting for mining on Lambda
Q: What are the implications if a miners rig goes offline or they decide to stop?
Lambda: If miners rig goes off, they will not get the reward from the corresponding generated block, if they do cheating there will be punishment from the system, and if they decide to quit, the pledge will be returned
Q: Lambda planning to have own FS?
Lambda: Yes, FS and consensus network is separate. validators and marketplace are on the consensus network, while Files are in the File System.
Q: Is Lambda GDPR friendly?
Lambda: yes, we are
Q: Hi can u explain what’s the requirements of decentralized data . Do You think big companies will like to use lambda services .... or it’s for medium level enterprises as big companies will go for their in house system with their reliable nodes ...
Lambda: this is a good question, from I seeing it, ppl call out the protection of privacy, it is a trend and it takes steps. Lambda has two big groups of prospects users, one is DAPPs, another is the general industries such as big data, AI, IoT, Games, Financial, etc, as long as they need massive data storage demand, Lambda has the opportunity, data storage is expensive, especially when we are talking about big data, a lot of companies will value the cost in this area very much. currently we have lighthouse customer like DATA, BCV, VVshare, in the very near future, a game that is developed by Lambda team will also go live on Lambda network. from the BD perspective, Lambda will create a satellite network ( you can take it as channel network ) to bring us customers, we have a few reaching out to us already
Q: Why suddenly launched on Huobi
George Cao: I believe lambda team has its own consideration. Projects esp in bear market are facing pressures from different parties. Investors users exchanges. Not everything is under projects control. What we can do as an exchange is to stand by our partners and fully support them down the road
Lambda: thx for the answer
Q: I think you have made a great choice working with bitmax. Bitmax have really helped push new
coins and their site in general with good PR, marketing and reward/airdrop promotions
Lambda: strongly agree with you
Q: GDPR has taken over the EU and the UK so that is very important
Lambda: you are right, so we see to be GDPR friendly, which is one of our differentiator from FileCoin
Q: Being GDPR friendly , European market is a go for lambda
Lambda: I have this plan to develop European market by having a Raspberry program, it is still in planning.
George Cao: Let’s take a last question and move to lambda community:) And as usual we will pick 3 best questions. We will send out 1000 800 and 500 btmx. @lambda do you want to pick 3 questions ?
Q: Recent partnerships are interesting , can you tell us about coming q1 2019 both in terms of technical and marketing developments ?
Lambda: from Marketing side, we are focusing on Chinese miners community and potential European market ( like I said still in construction ) Korean market is another, and US market to go along our compliance path, Lambda has been strictly abide by the regulations. from technical side, the most important task we are targeting is the main network launch as planned
George Cao: Thanks everyone for your time. It’s a great ama as usual. We do have the best community. We will pick 3 winners and we will announce here after we finish ama in lambda community
Lambda: thank you all for your time to participate the AMA, I had a great time with you, see you friends and have a nice day.
George Cao: Hello everyone, Merry Christmas:)
Lambda: Hello Lambdos. Today we have George, the founder of BitMax to join us for the AMA. Let's give him a warm welcome to do a introduction of BitMax
George Cao: I am George Cao, founder of bitmax. I am happy to take the opportunity to talk to everyone here. Thanks to the lambda team. Let me start with a brief introduction about us. ( is an exchange founded by a group of Wall Street veterans. Unlike most projects, we are kinda of old :) core team are in their 30ish - 50ish. The 10 founding member have combined of 150 years of Wall st experience. I have 10+ yrs of high frequency trading experience therefore I know the trading system well. That’s why our match engine can handle 400k tps per second vs huobi 1000 tps. We want to build an exchange that is transparent, robust, and efficient. While our system is the best in class, we offer the lowest trading fees. We believe the current high commission will not sustain and we will see consolidating of the exchanges with better depth and liquidity and lower commission. We are happy to partner with lambda, one of the best projects in 2018. We are committed to serve the project and the community. Alright, I am ready to take questions. Anything you can ask, as tough as you want :)
Q: Haha nice platform.
George Cao: Thanks. We are young as a platform but we are working to deliver the best
Q: I see reverse mining is new , I used many other mining exchange but all have normal mining . How does reverse mining works?
George Cao: Reverse mining is an innovative approach that helps the exchange and the project in several ways. 1) the concept of reverse mining is by providing liquidity to the exchange, you get a rebate and deduct out tokens from your account of the same valued. You can think of a otc sell our. 2) the benefit is it removes lots of sell pressure from the secondary market. And provides a strong support for the token price. 3) it introduces lots of liquidity to the exchange and benefits all traders
Q: The BTMX used in reverse mining are locked forever?
George Cao: Yes so the total number of tokens are always reducing your
Q: I've really been enjoying using the bitmax exchange so far especially with the low fees and data usage rewards. Does the exchange plan to bring in a shorting function in the near future?
George Cao: Yes we will have margin and futures trading
Q: It was supposed to December right ?
George Cao: We postponed our margin to Jan. The reason is we want to be more careful on protecting margin call protections.
Q: Margin trading and futures is important for BTMX price to drive up
George Cao: Totally agree
Q: Does BitMax have any activities on New Year's Day?
George: We do have multiple promotional events. Including but not limited to airdrops. Please visit our website and stay tuned
Q: I saw the whitepaper of bitmax, can you talk more about your dividends the formula is really hard for me ?
George Cao: Sure 80% of our commission goes to our fee pool. 1/180 of the total pool will be distributed daily. As long as you are a token holder, the current rate we pay is over 100% annually
Q: Oh I see, so the dividends will be smooth, great idea.
George Cao: Yes unlike other mining exchanges have huge volatility on div we smooth our curve
Q: I've also heard there is a mobile app in the works, is this likely to be released in the near future?
George Cao: Almost done. Beta version is in testing
Q: What about the north American, will it be available in the future?
George Cao: We more cleared our legal path for fiat trading in us. Q1 2019 we will launch in the us
Q: Great news I think this will bring a big volume.
George Cao: Yes agree. Our team is excited as well
Q: With promotional Airdrops that require a certain amount of the BTMX token to be held such as The lamb one that has taken place on the exchange this week. Are tokens that are locked for data usage or in cards taken into account when balance screenshots are taken?
George Cao: Yes we will take that into account
Q: When will be the private sale tokens be released ?
George Cao: As soon as we mined 90m we will start to release
Q: So let me get this right .. you give us FREE BTC and ltc and even Lambda EVERYDAY if we hold BTMX and agree to share our data
George Cao: Free usdt btc eth
Q: Wow. In a bear market, Free btc is the best thing ever
George Cao: We share revenue with our users, 90% is usdt. Not sure if you like it:)
Q: also consider adding coins like ADA and few from top 30. People need more coins
George Cao: We are adding stellar and zcash soon
Q: I heard they are insured Unless we give password to someone hehe
George Cao: Yes we are using custodian service
Q: George are our funds SAFU with you? Exchange insurance? I would say it is With the industry giants backing this exchange
George Cao: Sequoia matrix bitmain fbg dhvc are our equity investors
Q: What’s to stop People dumping BTMX token after free btc Or stop capital investor dumping on retailer
George Cao: They get it every day. Why would they dump? All equity investors can not sell on secondary market. They can only to reverse mining
Q: Will margin allow reverse mining instead of normal mining?
George Cao: Not initially
Q: People do irrational things when btc moves Or whales dumping, I heard there was a lock up token or something. To stop this
George Cao: We required lock our tokens to get rewards. You can request to unlock at anytime but it takes 24 hours to process
Q: Binance is developing DEX any plans for BitMax ?
George Cao: Not anytime soon we have a looong to do:)
Q: It's good you have dex in mind , with improved scalability in future maybe bitmax can build good dex
George Cao: Agree
Q: Retail investors are important , George knows it haha
George Cao: We care most of retails
Q: It would help if they also burned or locked tokens up
George Cao: Yes we permanently locked
Q: Seems you have everything thought of.. but how about moving to Malta?
George Cao: We priority US. Once us is clear pretty much everywhere is clear
Q: Doesn’t any exchange cover US right now?
George Cao: Coinbase but they have 0 international coverage and 0 client service
Q: What sort of systems are in place for abnormal/suspicious activity on the exchange?
George Cao: We prohibit self trading. For unusual trading behavior we ban the account and as for explain in the first violation. For continued violations we permanently ban the account
Q: can we get a glimpse of mobile application ?
George Cao: There is a beta version you can use but we are keep improving
Q: What are the precautions taken to prevent wash trading ?
George Cao: We have pre trade and post trade checksums. E.g we don’t just scan one account. We check or related account
Q: Will market orders and stop-loss orders be available in the future?
George Cao: Yes we are working on it
Q: what do you think of lambda project and community
George Cao: Lambda is definitely one of the best projects this year. We have been working with lambda for months and have lots of respect ion for the team. Community is also great very well organized. I didn’t talk much but I joined lambda tele group for a while. Great interaction
Q: So the trading starts at 8 pm ETC?
George Cao: It’s postponed. Please stay tuned for announcements
Lambda: We will make announcement giving out time and new date.
Q: when please? It's also more professional to be able to give dates and respect them
Lambda Cao: we are working hard and aiming the date of Dec. 29, pls stay tuned, thank you
George: Unfortunately bitmax and lambda don’t have 100% control of the date and time. Huobi is holding the ball
Lambda: The listing dates have been postponed and we don't want to give out a random date. I request you to have patience and wait for official announcement
Lambda: we will try everything to protect retails interest
Q: Can’t let houbi just arrive late to the party?
Lambda: in the long run we may need Huobi to help us better protect us all
George Cao: We trust lambda team can make the best decision for all investors
Q: Have you been busy with listing recently? Anything else?
George Cao: We have been working 24 hours a day including Chris eve :) Listing and app and margin and lots of new improvements
Q: Why would we need huobi with bitmax on our side.
George Cao: Trust me we are as upset. However as an exchange our mission is to serve projects and investors. Please join us in fully supporting any decision lambda team made. We have 100% confidence in lambda
Q: Are you familiar with the REKTbot and SYSTEM OVERLOAD problems at bitmex
George Cao: Yes but still bitmex is the best place to trade future compare with okex
Q: Slap that Hayes fool when bitmax start margin and futures..
George Cao: Haha i don’t want to declare war with them. Let’s be a bit patient :)
Q: Could bitmax handle That volume and not system overload
George Cao: We are 100% confident
George Cao: Alright i have to run for another meeting. It’s been a great ama. Thanks everyone. For any trading related questions please contact our client support. We promise to get in touch in 5 mins 7/24. Thank you all!
Lambda: thank you for participation, have a nice day!
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Lampix (PIX) All-in-one Thread

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The root cause of the plunge is that 90% of people can't get out of this strange law

The root cause of the plunge is that 90% of people can't get out of this strange law
In the blockchain circle, I’ve known a lot of friends, and I have been asked this question many times: "the bubble in blockchain is big or not?” I always answer:” It is not bubble, not even a small bubble.”
The friends who got such answer don't seem very happy, because they didn't get the ones they expected. In fact, they have already determined that the blockchain industry has a huge bubble.
Why do they think that there is a huge bubble in this industry? Because everyone can easily cite a lot of severely broken “air coins” and tell stories of ordinary investors being “harvested” by project parties or institutions; even the model of the public chain like Bitcoin and Ethereum have been reduced from 60% or even over 90%. So, is there a bubble in the blockchain, how can we better understand whether there is a bubble in the blockchain?
First, the blockchain bubble is different from other industries.
When we are talking about a bubble in an industry, what we mean is that the money entering the industry is higher than the value that the industry can produce or carry, so there may be a bubble in this industry.
For example, there is a bubble in real estate, a bubble in the stock market, and a bubble in the Internet. This is because a large amount of money has entered these industries, which may lead to excessive valuations, prices and P/E ratio in these industries. FMZ
But what is the difference of the blockchain industry? We thought that the funds that entered the industry did not actually enter the industry. In other words, the money that most of the “blockchain projects” have accumulated does not have any value to the blockchain industry.
Most of the ordinary blockchain investors and most of the blockchain project teams are just "pretending to play blockchain." Just as we don't say that there is a bubble in MLM, there is a bubble in funds, and there is a bubble in health products, we also don't say that there is a bubble in something that has no value.
Therefore, "air coins", "MLM coins" and so on are not part of the blockchain industry. They are scams draped in blockchain outerwear. The relevant project parties and investment institutions only swindle according to their routines, but this time the gimmick is the blockchain. The money they cheated will hardly be injected into the blockchain industry, and the so-called "market value" will be meaningless.
Maybe you think that you are investing in a blockchain project. In fact, it is only helping those scammers who have mixed into the blockchain industry to buy fancy cars, houses or yachts.
The "investment in blockchain" is just a common fantasy of most ordinary investors. Therefore, as I mentioned later, the analysis of whether there is a bubble in the blockchain industry has filtered out the scam blockchain projects that swindle money, referring only to the “real blockchain industry.” Because such a discussion makes sense. FMZ
Second, the blockchain industry does not have the bubble you imagine
So is there any bubble in the blockchain industry? Presumably, many people who are concerned about the development of the blockchain industry have discovered that blockchain and bitcoin have begun to have a different direction. Bitcoin is regarded as a better stored value tool than gold; and the blockchain public chain project represented by Ethereum wants to take the blockchain technology and services to a higher level.
Is there a bubble in Bitcoin? I don’t think so. In fact, for an asset (currency) with very strong liquidity, it is meaningless to discuss whether there is a bubble. Just as we will not discuss whether there is a bubble in the hard currency such as the US dollar, gold, oil, etc., and few people will care about their cost, most people only care about their current price.
Back to the public chain project, let’s take Ethereum for example. The basis for many people to judge whether there is a bubble is that Ethereum has dropped from the highest price of 10,000RMB at the beginning of the year to about 1300RMB now, so it is determined that the Ethereum at that time must have a bubble.
I think that there are two reasons for the skyrocketing of Ethereum at that time:
First, the market is driven. There is always a bull market in the market for financial attributes. When the bull market is coming, all blockchain assets will rise. It is hard to say that there is a bubble.
Second, short-term short supply. A large number of project parties needed to raise ETH. A large number of people who invested in the project needed to use ETH, which led to the ETH in the market being speculated.
Now, in the blockchain project, the tokens are not hot like before, and fewer people are staying. ETH has turned from shot supply to oversupply, and the project parties that have raised a large number of ETHs have gradually realized the change of supply and demand, which is bound to trigger throwing pressure. Such a selling of panic sentiment has intensified the plunging of ETH prices, so the price of ETH has returned to the starting point. Therefore, I believe that the collapse of Ethereum is caused by the change of supply and demand and panic, and cannot be attributed to the bubble.
If the price is high, there is a bubble, is there a bubble in the 40 US dollar ETH at the beginning of 2017? It has risen 50 times compared to the issue price. In many cases, this is only human nature. We cannot simply judge whether there is a bubble based on the skyrocketing price and the plunge.
Therefore, I don’t think that there are bubbles in the real blockchain projects that are dedicated to the development, exploration and breakthrough of blockchain technology, because their value is currently difficult to measure. FMZ
3. Is there a bubble in project financing?
So is there a bubble in each segment of the blockchain? Let's compare these parts: head media, mining machine manufacturers, wallet teams.
Blockchain head media: 8BTCnews, so far financing 100 million RMB. As a comparison, the technology-based head media is 36Kr, and so far it has raised 300 million RMB.
Mining machine manufacturer: BITMAIN, $1 billion, F-round.
Wallet team: imToken, this should be no doubt the head wallet app. So far, the financing of 10 million US dollars, A round.
Note: The above data are all from ITJUZI.
The financing data of these head projects is obviously not a "bubble" in terms of their industry status.
Fourth, comparison with other Internet forefront at the same level
As the hottest thing of Internet in 2017-2018, the financing scale of blockchain is very small compared with other industries, such as artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, virtual reality, sharing economy, intelligent hardware, etc. In other words, if we force the blockchain to be classified in the Internet bubble, the scale of blockchain industry is very small.
See the green arrow pointing to the blockchain asset size.
Obviously, putting the market value of blockchain assets into the financial market, its scale is not worth mentioning..
"There will be an interesting phenomenon in the early days of the technological revolution, that is, backward technology will ridicule new technologies. Abacus ridiculed calculator, keyboard ridiculed mouse, mouse ridiculed touch function, touch function ridiculed voice function, naturally breathing ridiculed turbocharger, film ridiculed digital cameras, carriages ridiculed cars, Nokia and Dell ridiculed Apple, paper media ridiculed websites... but new technology will not do this. The mission of new technology is to win the market and eliminate backwards by the way." When new technology comes, there are always people who are afraid of missing opportunities, blindly chasing the wind, and eventually leading to a bubble. However, there is currently no bubble for blockchain -- the most recent innovation in the history of “currency” and “finance”. Even some quality projects are significantly underestimated because of people's panic.
All of the above opinions are not used as investment references and are analyzed by China data. Although there is no bubble in the blockchain industry, it does not mean that there is no risk.
Finally, I share a law for everyone.
Amara’s Law: We tend to overestimate the effect of a technology in the short run and underestimate the effect in the long run.
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Blockchain Application | To Construct a Development Platform for Cross Public Chain DApp platform, Hero Node Hopes to Lower the Development Threshold

There are already the Internet, the mobile internet, artificial intelligence … Then in the Science & Technology industry, will the next technique dividend be the blockchain?
Perhaps nobody will believe it, but nobody is willing to miss it. What if this is the next grand decade?
Driven by a mix of panic and a sense of opportunity, in the end of 2017 “blockchain,” right after artificial intelligence, has become the most remarkable object of attention. The present imagination for blockchain now reflects that prevalent in 2016, when no single application of blockchain was made though the new technology seemed almighty. The difference lies in that our perception radius now has been enlarged after the surge of share price of bitcoin and ICO, and with the intelligent contract of ethereum, blockchain has already entered the 2.0 era, diversifying the applications built on the chains.
Presently, there appears a few relatively mature public blockchains such as Qtum, Bytom, and antshares. However, as an article on 36Kr reported, when developing the blockchain-based decentralized application (DApp), the developer faces a series of obstacles like low-performance, high threshold for C-end users, and high cost. Apart from these technical shortcomings, there is the problem of shortage of talents for public blockchain technology, and a severe scarcity of technicians who understand the blockchain bottom development will hinder the building-up of application.
Now the white paper of Hero Node will explain the technical threshold for developing DApp:
First, we face the interdisciplinary feature of blockchain bottom technology, which involve knowledge or techniques like basic programming, cryptology, distributed consistent protocol, point-to-point network communications and various consensus algorithms (please refer to the official website of bitcoin or the Bitcoin White Paper).
Second, we face the diversity of development languages of public blockchains. Bitcoin employs C++ language is employed to program the bitcoin; in order to attract more technicians to participate in, ethereum has several different versions like go and C++; and antshares employs C#. If you want to program DApp on different public blockchains, you have to familiarize with related languages. Usually, one developer is versed at only one language, so he would choose the public blockchain based on the language he is proficient at rather than based the features of the chain.
Thirdly, most of the current DApp provide external service through PC-port website or intelligent contract-defined interface interchange. The popularizing rate of mobile port is still low due to the incomplete ecology at present.
Hero Node intends to lower the threshold of developers’ engaging in decentralized application through the establishment of a trans-public blockchain and trans-platform plan.
Liu Guoping, the founder of Hero Node, believes that whoever that can solve the development problems of DApp will take control of the next decade. He introduces that, based on Hero platform, developers don’t need to understand the underlying structure of blockchain or the development language of the mobile port to establish the DApp of decentralization, ethereum, IPFS or other public blockchains based on Qtum Blockchain that could operate on terminal platforms such as iOS, Android and HTML5.
Liu Guoping introduces that Hero Node is a converging meshed network, with nodes that could synchronize all the blocks of public blockchain and let all the public chains be in the same node, thus enhancing the speed of inquiring information on the blockchain. Meanwhile, Hero Node packages the achievable operations on the public blockchains into different kinds of API, that is, centralized operations such as inquiry, transaction, payment and contract. And developers could visit all the public blockchains through API. Externally, developers only need to know these ports to fulfill the development of DApp, among which the ports of contract are more complicated and teams provide different contract templates based on different scenes.
In this way, developers do not need to be proficient in the agreements and base course of all kinds of blockchains, which solves the limitation of the selection of public blockchains due to the variety of development languages, as mentioned in the beginning of the passage. Developers could choose public blockchain according to different scenes. Liu Guoping cites an example that daily operations could be put on blockchains with less value, while more valuable operations should be put on blockchains with higher values. Hero Node will at least support major public blockchain technologies such as Bitcoin, ethereum and Qtum Blockchain, and support the development of Javascript.
Application of Blockchain Establish trans-public blockchain DApp development platform, Hero Node wishes to lower the development threshold.
Schematic Diagram of Hero Node Establishment
When visiting specific public blockchain through API, the information on this blockchain are ensured to be decentralized. But how to ensure the authenticity and credibility of the transmission of trans-blockchain information with the current design of trans-blockchain. Liu Guoping claims that Hero Node’s port could be deemed as a middleware that connects both ends, one connecting all kinds of public blockchains and the other one connecting the storage service based on IPFS distributed file storage system. The interaction methods and business logic between different public blockchains, as well as other files and abstracts, will be stored and published on IPFS and IPNS, and then generate a broadcast address on the blockchain. This guarantees that the logical relations between different blockchains are traceable and could be made public.
Within such a structure, as Guoping suggests, applications can choose to store data such as the routine operations, which has no need of being synchronized on the whole network, into IPFS, and to synchronize the dealings on other public blockchains.
Since the industry of blockchain is at the initial stage of prospering, it is hard to find a company identical to Hero Node, but some that overlap in conceptions are indeed existing. In the area of lowering the development threshold of DApp, those devoting themselves to similar causes are BlockStack, a blockchain browser, and ArcBlock, a DApp development & deployment that has been reported by 36Kr. Those that are devoted to solving the problem of blockchain storage are IPFS (FileCoin), StorJ and Sia (SiaCoin), while EtherParty is one example that works on the blockchain smart contract template.
The advantages of Hero Node probably lies in its deeper understanding of developers. For four years or so, the team has been devoted to building the development framework for the cross-platform applications, which was programmed with Javascript and could run on Android, iOS and H5. Hero Node, as a decentralized node, can be independently deployed by the developers soon; as planned, you will see the launch of this program this April.
Presently, the team of Hero Node is made up of 12 members, most of whom come from Dianrong, a company specialized at financial technology.
Liu Guoping, the founder of Hero Node, earlier participated in bitcoin mining and served in a few Internet companies such as Wind Information, The9 Limited and Dianrong. He was then responsible for technology development, and participated in the scene development for blockchain application when he worked at Dianrong.
Carl Zhu, the cross-platform framework writer from Hero, has a three-year working experience at Ethereum development, and served at some well-known companies like PAX and Dianrong.
Hero Node now has completed the angel-round financing, and investors include Quanta Fund, and Xinghe Fund founded by Guo Yuhang, who is also the founder and co-chairman of Dianrong. Its consulting team include Wang Yuehua, the partner of DFJ DragonFund, and Liu Jiarui, the researcher at Stanford’s Center for Internet and Society.
In an open world, Hero Node welcomes any and all feedback. Especially helpful feedback will be rewarded!
Talk to us:
Email: [email protected]
Twitter @Hero_Node
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The real game changer was the Antminer S7 and S9, two iterations of Bitmain’s bitcoin mining rigs launched in 2015 and 2016, respectively. ... 36Kr CEO undaunted by tumbling Nasdaq debut. Stable digital cash on the Blockchain. 100% Backed. Every tether is always 100% backed by our reserves, which include traditional currency and cash equivalents and, from time to time, may include other assets and receivables from loans made by Tether to third parties, which may include affiliated entities (collectively, “reserves”). Bitmain: Bitcoin mining giant to sack 50% of its workforce (news) posted over 1 year ago ( Bitcoin Lightning Network capacity passes $2M (news) posted over 1 year ago ( Korean business school is first to offer crypto MBA program (news) posted over 1 year ago ( GMO Internet is an Internet provider based in Tokyo and since the February of 2018, it took the leap of Bitcoin, by allowing over 4,000 of its employees to be partly paid in Bitcoin. 100,000 yen, to be exact, which estimates to $880 USD, of their monthly salary was in the form of Bitcoin. 前天 36氪 报道了《 Bitcoin P2P 货币:有史以来最危险的项目》一文,引发了人们的热烈讨论。 Bitcoin(比特币) 是一种开源的 P2P 虚拟货币,无法跟踪 ...

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